The Deflect™ Glass System combines the most advanced window technologies to give you a window pane that provides highly effective insulation and solar protection. Different than most pyrolytic, low-E coatings, Deflect Glass contains an MSVD Sputter Coating applied in a vacuum chamber. Our proprietary hard coating blend incorporates several different gasses into a chemical coating that provides higher performance than standard pyrolytic coats! Available in single-stick or double-stack varieties, the Deflect™ Glass System provides a higher u-value than most leading regional suppliers!


Deflect Glass System - GIF


  • Solar Control (Deflect™ Glass)
  • Only U.S. Supplier of both Vacuum and Pyrolytic Coatings
  • Matching Products
  • No Coating Failures Since Product Introduction
  • U-Value Performance
  • Higher Indoor Humidity
  • Neutral in Appearance
  • Solar Control


  • Reduced Energy Costs
  • Improved Comfort Level
  • Reducing Static Electricity and Dry Skin/Parched Throat
  • Blends with Exterior Facades
  • No Change in Transmitted Color
  • Reduced Air Conditioning Costs
  • Strong Patent Positions and Equipment Investment
  • On-going Research
  • Products in Patio Doors will Match Window
  • Produced to Exact Specifications
  • Used by Homeowners and Architects Worldwide